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How much do you charge? 

We do not charge any service fees, we just offer excellent personalized service for our clients.

Do I have to pay for my whole trip upfront?

We can offer down payment options starting as low as $150 per person on land packages, so you can budget your funds.​

Can I pay a deposit on my airfare?

With certain packages we can offer a low down payment but typically air is paid in full at the time of booking.

When will my final payment be due?

Final payments are typically due 45 days before travel . Refer to your travel invoice for final payment dates.

Will I get any documents?

Yes! Travel documents are issued approximately 2 weeks before travel and will be mailed via USPS to the address you provide.   In certain circumstances, E-docs may be issued and will come in your email.  Be sure to review all documents for accuracy.

​What is Cancel for any reason travel insurance? 

Cancel for ANY reason travel insurance is just what it says. 100% of your money back minus the cost of the trip insurance – even on non-refundable air!​

Do I need a passport ?

Passports are required for travel outside the United States.

How do I get a passport ?

To get a passport, contact:  http://travel.state.gov/.

What is the weather link where I am going ?

For current weather forecasts, visit http://weather.gov